Scottish football is a distrustful place where rumours can become fact very quickly if someone wants to believe the rumour/lie.

This week, the clubs voted on VAR being introduced to Scotland’s top flight. Such is the voting structure in the SPFL, ALL member clubs have to vote on things like this – meaning every club from the Premiership to League 2 had to sign into zoom and give their vote.

The VAR motion passed with flying colours with just ONE club in the whole SPFL system voting against the move.

This set rumours going and plenty of wind ups on social media on who was the club who voted against the technology.

We’ve discovered today it was Greenock Morton who voted against it and there reason for doing so wasn’t because they were against its implementation.

The club didn’t want to vote yes without consulting their fans because they’re a community club. Without proper consultation they voted for the status quo.

So both Celtic and their Glasgow rivals voted in favour of the technology. Rumours over.

VAR is set to be in-play by the end of the year but will come in half way through next season.


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