• Brendan Rodgers has already checked out mentally and is dreaming of his next 500 games in management away from Parkhead.

  • Scott Sinclair wants out and he wants out now!

  • Kieran Tierney’s just been spotted down the forge buying a Manchester United top for his imminent transfer. 

  • Tom Rogic will walk away from Celtic because there’s not enough shrimp on the barbie. 

  • Dorus de Vries and Dedryk Boyata to sign new five-year-deals.

Ok, maybe the last one is a little too far but you get the picture.

There’s something in the water this international week where Celtic are being portrayed as a vessel, floating adrift of success and heading for choppy waters.

The sheer volume of stories about the future of our stars has ramped up a notch even we weren’t ready for and we love a transfer rumour!

It’s hard to keep up without getting rather dizzy.

It’s clear to us now that we should probably just concede the League Title and the Scottish Cup because what’s the point?!

We get that there is always going to be some amount of uncertainty round players deals and given our success it’s only natural for some of our players to get attention.

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However, it seems never ending at this point. Celtic and Brendan Rodgers are currently looking at tieing up a number of stars – including looking at a permanent transfer of one Osdonne Edouard.

There’s going to be an inevitable turnover in the summer with wantaway players getting moves and players who don’t fit Rodgers criteria moved on but this is part and parcel of the game.

While the personnel changes will happen, you can be assured that they’ll never be as bad as reports suggest.

Kieran Tierney to Manchester United just seems like a non-starter at the minute. The left-back still has a lot of developing to do and is loving life at his bhoyhood club. Also Manchester United will not pay anywhere near the fee Celtic fans would expect for one of our best players and prospects. You can never rule anything out in football but KT seems happy and content and has a real appetite for ten in a row.

Tom Rogic has a big decision ahead, at 25, this next deal is going to take him to the peak of his powers. It’s a massive decision and his representatives are treating it as such – Celtic fans can accept this and hope the club can satisfy his ambition both on and off the field.

Scott Sinclair noise is actually something that might have a little bit of credence but it gets buried under all the other doom and gloom.

Scotty is a player very much off form and not enjoying his football, he and his wife recently announced they’re expecting a new baby. With his family down south, it wouldn’t be out of the realms of possibility for the midfielder to want to head back to England in the summer.

But every cloud can have a silver lining. Scotty still has two years of his deal left which puts Celtic in the driving seat for any potential negotiations with Premier League clubs. If Celtic play their card right, they can extract a decent fee – more than what we paid for the player. This could give the money men extra impetus to go and test Man City’s resolve on Patrick Roberts.

Roberts is again due back at Manchester in the summer but he’s not ruled out a return after it was widely reported he was up for the permanent move last year had it surfaced.

Brendan Rodgers spoke very candidly in an interview where he confessed how happy he is at Celtic but one day there will be nothing left for him to accomplish at the club. The ‘one day’ being the important part of that sentence. Rodgers is a very shap and intelligent man who knows just like the rest of us, that there will come a day when he will need to move on and so will the club. However, reading between the lines that won’t be before ten in a row if the Irishman has his way.

Celtic head into the last part of the season chasing a title win and another Scottish Cup victory that would hand the team a double treble – not too shabby.

I think we’ll hold off looking for someone new to support.


  1. When Rodgers goes so will a number of other players. I reckon Rodgers will stay one more season as I don’t think he is going to be supported to get us into the groups of the CL. The powers at Celtic are far too small minded and this will see Rodgers go because he will not be able to go any further. The fact that he may win a double treble will also speed his departure. If he can’t go any further in Europe and has nothing to prove in Scotland, then that is the end. Brendan Rodgers is not remotely interested in 10 in a row, it means nothing to him. It means nothing to anyone outside Glasgow and Lanarkshire. I would let Sinclair go now, give him paternity leave early, he is clearly not interested and you are dreaming if you think he will fetch any more than 1-1.5 million. No one buys a player based on the way he was playing a year ago. He has been very poor. Let Lustig, Boyata, Armstrong and Simunovic go as well. The 5 might get about 4 -5 million if we are very lucky for the lot. There is a serious amount of rebuilding to do and if Rodgers has a double treble and receives an interesting offer, coupled with a rebuild with insufficient cash, they will be planning to use the money raised from the sale of Dembele, but like Sinclair he has gone down in value, he may decide he has reached the point where he can go no further. Nothing is assured. There are many ponderables and the natural parsimonious nature of our board will be a key factor.

    • Never in my life heard such mince..Why don’t you just slit your wrists and be done with it..Brendan will be here for 10iar and you better believe it..As for Tierney and rest of them you seem to moving out I think your True club lies somewhere near Govan..

  2. BR and Frank
    Unfortunately, that is not how it works. KT has never played in England therefore he will not fetch half of what Kyle Walker did because he has not played ‘real football’. As far as big clubs are concerned he is relatively untested due to playing in Scotland. I don’t think people fully realise in Scotland just how poorly our football is thought of outside of Scotland. Unfortunately, I think Brendan Rodgers does and this too will have a bearing on the decisions he makes about his future. He is an ambitious man and winning everything in Scotland simply matters nothing and failing to improve in Europe will damage his future prospects.

    • You seem to think playing football in England is different than up in Scotland the top teams are made through money not by development and if you can’t see that Kieran Tierney is not a glass player don’t take up scouting Uefa must be wrong with their pick of the best young players p s take off your blue tinted specs

  3. Why should we worry because we have nothing to worry about. Celtic are financially stable because we get our priorities right.
    We have 💷 in the Bank (unlike another club from Glasgow who are headed down the Crapper.
    We have a Manager who is and has a genuine Celtic like we are
    He has completed one clean sweep of Trophies and will do so a few more times
    He will in time lead Celtic to European glory.
    He may be even here to see all the Championship and Cups returned to those who were robbed of them by.. The list is to long of the those who went out of their way to stop Celtic in the way they could by… Cheating.

  4. Pull out all the stops,must keep Mussah and try to keep Paddy and essential to keep Keiren.have a real go at the CL think and be strong!! Hail hail

  5. Good banter, John, but seriously, see a doctor, pal.
    Sinky 1-1.5 million, you say?!
    I’ve saved that comment from yourself for when he moves on.
    It’l be your Hugh Keevins/ Lubo Moravcik moment.
    Can’t wait to cast it up to you.
    Maybe you should stick to posting about your own team, Sevco.

  6. Keep BR, KT, SB and LG, true Celtic in heart! Let everyone go. Bring young crew from development squad and play with them. In 5 years we will get EU Cup again! And true Celtic supporter will never left, because” “You Will Never Walk Alone”

  7. My family and I all live in Nottingham and know lots of other people across England who are VERY MUCH bothered about 10-in-a-row, as for only getting 1-1.5mil for Sinclair, i think its fair to say that we paid 3.5 from a championship club where he was under performing so its not out of our reach to sell him for a profit to the “best league in the world”

  8. Here we go 10inarow BR is going know were but as usual the biased scumbags media in scotland are trying their best toget rid of our manager and some of our players look yous scum lazy journalists write the truth about a certain club that cheated for years ratbags…hafuckingha


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