We as Celtic fans are known the world over for our generosity and charity towards not just our fellow fans but our fellow human beings. Helping others is ingrained into us from a young age, after all the club was founded to put foods in the mouths of a starving community all those years ago and we as a club have never strayed from that charitable ethos. That’s why we are thrilled to see what our pals over at The Celtic Network are doing.  Wullie Brown has been working very hard with a variety of popular Celtic bands and singers to compose a charity album that will see many causes benefit. The album will be appropriately named ‘The Spirit of Walfrid’ and will be available from April 10th.


Here is more information from ‘The Celtic Network’ on the album.

Like our football club a centre pillar of The Celtic Network is our ‘good causes’. I have always believed that if you run a site for Celtic fans it is important that charity and good works are promoted alongside the football.

In these times of ‘austerity’ the burden of providing a safety net and support for those less fortunate is increasingly falling on charities and the general public, as the state is shrunk for a political and economic ideology. In turn this has made the business of raising money for good causes highly competitive, which is regrettable and has lead to people and organisations looking for more eye catching ways to go about raising money and awareness.

The idea of a ‘charity’ album is nothing new, however I think this may be one of the few to be produced by a set of football supporters, so if that is the case this album maybe a wee bit unique. Fortunately The Celtic Network supports both good causes and Celtic supporting bands and artists, which gave me a good starting point for this fund raising project.

I first approached the bands and artists in early February and their response was magnificent. On the back of their support I have been able to put together an album with an accompanying web browser app. The app comprises of:

  • Spirit of Walfrid media player
  • Information and links about our good causes
  • Information and links about the bands and Artists
  • Images supplied by Celtic supporters
  • All audio files

The good causes to benefit are:

  • The KANO Foundation
  • The Good Child Foundation
  • Life Cycle For Neuroblastoma
  • The Invisibles
  • Sean’s Trust

Band and Artists are:

  • Charlie And The Bhoys
  • The Wakes
  • Bible Code Sundays
  • Gary Óg And The Exiles
  • Paddy Ryan
  • Billy No’Well
  • Hutchy
  • Dusty Bhoy
  • Closure

There are 17 songs on the album, some of which have been recorded and/or written for this album, so we have fresh content, never before published. The album package will be available as a digital download, exclusively from http://goodcauses.thecelticnetwork.com and will be priced at £6.00. There may be a future physical CD released but that will depend on demand . I am selling this album exclusively ‘in house’ simply because that is the best way to secure as much profit as possible by cutting out the middle men like itunes etc. Setting the price at £6 should ensure that at least £5 pound for every sale will be handed over to our good causes.

The album package will be released on Friday April 10th. Prior to that updates will appear at the following:

Thank you,

Wullie Brown, admin for The Celtic Network.


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