Some fans might get agitated by the headline and exclaim ‘what dip in form?’ as the player has been a standout all season. The article doesn’t exist to put the attacking midfielder down after some quieter games in the Hoops, but serves as a reminder to how far the English born player has come this season.

Thanks to our friends over at Celticbynumbers we have some of the stats that prove his short dip in form is no illusion.

His (Sinclair’s) pass average has dropped to 16 per 90m. He hasn’t created a chance in the last 2 games, and has 1 goal and 1 assist against a tiring St Mirren in the last three. His passing in the last 2 games are his worst of the season at 62% and 65% accuracy – he averages 80%.

Scott has set such a high standard when he doesn’t reach the height’s we know he can it becomes more noticeable.

So why has his form dipped?

At the age of 28 you may be surprised to learn that this is only Scott’s THIRD full first team football season in his career. The other two coming at Swansea where the midfielder played 50 and 40 times in two seasons. His big money move to Man City seen him take a place on the bench most weeks and when loaned out he was used sparingly. His last season at Aston Villa seen him start only 19 matches in the Championship.

With not having as much competitive football to play in over five years it’s only natural that the player would become a bit jaded towards the end of a campaign where he’s played more than a pivotal role. You could argue at his age and physical fitness under Rodgers should exempt him from being jaded but we see it time and time again with footballers.

The International break has proved timely for Scott, who was able to take a short holiday to recover for the run in. Not being part of the English set-up means that time has been spent wisely – relaxing and doing light training sessions in the build up to a potential title winner at Hearts.

Sinclair should looks much better come Sunday and be reinvigorated as he looks to finish the SPFL campaign where he started back in August, scoring on his debut.

Signing the midfielder was an inspired decision by Brendan Rodgers and everyone at the club has reaped the rewards.



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