Well….WTF happened there?


There I was at half 8, just finished 5-a-sides and heading home. The plan was simple, Chinese takeaway, bath, beers and some rum and settle in front of the computer to type up my feelings on last night’s latest disgrace!

Only to open Twitter and see that Henning Berg has reverted to his Rangers days and started playing ineligible players!


Let’s get 2 things straight:


1/ If, somehow, we are re-instated then each and every one of us will take it.

2/ We really should watch it through closed fingers, because chances are, we will get another doing!!


Let’s, however, deal with the facts as we have them. Celtic were embarrassed last night. Not only by the players on the pitch, or the manager’s tactics, but by the board.


Yes, that’s right. Ol’ Sammy here has his hands up. Never too big to say I got it wrong. This time last year I slated those supporters who jumped on the bandwagon of blaming Peter Lawwell for the poor side on the pitch. (Which for the record, I still stand by, too many fans are too quick to take the easy option.)

But tonight, I sit here and say this. The ‘Moneyball’ system is not working! We have applauded the business when it finds a Wanyama or a Hooper and we generate results on and off the park. However in order for the fans to support it, we need to see that the conveyor belt is continuing to provide players worthy of the tag.

So, who is to blame for the state of the side nowadays?

For me the blame lies in all areas.



OK, as I’ve said, I have come round to the thought process that Lawwell & Co now think that cash is king, even more so than ever. The lack of cash being supplied is poor. It is not just in the lack of buying, but the failure to offer Samaras a deal, which by sounds of things he would’ve happily signed, was very poor planning. The fact that not 1 penny has been spent on transfer fees on a side which last season was clearly shown up in Europe, is quite frankly unacceptable.

I just wonder…..

As a fan, we have all believed that the seasons spent until The Rangers arrive (not return, as that club has never been) in the Premiership as it is now, should have seen Celtic be in such a position that they would be several years ahead of being caught up. 10 in a row should be almost certain, instead of a hopeful dream.

Now, put your business head on. Because really, I think we all agree, using Sir Murray as an example, that it can never work when fans rule a football club. Attendances are falling, ok slowly, but they are falling. The main reason of course being that there is no competition. So what if there is a Rangers in the league, yet they are no more significant than Caley Thistle or St Johnstone, in terms of a title challenge. Ok, so in the 1st year, we would all be there on O** F*** day. But what about a couple of seasons in? There’s no challenge, there’s no bums on seats.

Is it conceivable that our board want us in a position that we have to fight it out with whatever side meets us, albeit with money in the bank, just in case…??

That is very risky, albeit good business sense. There’s just 1 problem. Celtic fans will watch Celtic smashing teams for 6 and 7, a-la the Martin O’Neill days (usually v Aberdeen). What we won’t settle for is winning the league the way we did last year, by winning one nil most weeks. There’s no entertainment, and only players with technical ability will bring that.

If money is being raised, then within reason, it should be spent again and not always on potential. You need players who can walk straight in and make a difference.



Let me start by saying, given the fact that we all sneer at the Premier League down south for the way managers are not given time, we should afford our own a lot more than 4 games.

Yes, his tactics were poor last week. Being 2-1 down and 10 men away from home, everything screams shut up shop. He didn’t. That is poor. But as the old saying goes, “You Can Only Piss With the Cock You’re Given”. And Ronny has been given a shrivelled up toadstool. Only our GK is the one area that you would say is worthy. Defence is a shambles, a midfield that needs Broony or Forrest is struggling and none of our strikers are goal machines. None of this is his fault. It’s either Lennon or Lawwell who have to foot that bill.

As fans, we need to back him. And that means, completely!!!

If he decides players can go, and that even means the likes of Commons, then it has to be supported. After all remember when Mowbray got rid of Scott McDonald we thought it was awful. Where the hell is he nowadays and he was replaced in the end up. No player is too big for the club. And that takes me onto my final point.



I’m sure we have all seen the tweets floating around about certain players who have an issue with the work rate required for Ronny’s training schedule. 2 players in particular spring to the fore. Both of which have recently had a new hairline attempted. Add to that the pictures of Griffiths taking far too much umbrage with supporters at full time last night, and as far as I’m concerned the squad numbers 10 and 28 should be freed up before August is out.

I genuinely think too many players have gotten into a comfort zone under the old guard and now that they need to work, they don’t like it. Well just because players aren’t responding, it doesn’t mean the manager is wrong. If he wants our players training harder in order to play better, then they either buy in or are sold on and that means ANYONE.

Clearly Forster and Van Dijk have their minds elsewhere. If we get 8 million quid for each I would take that regardless. We have had Forster for 4 years now. And 4 years and then profit is a very good deal for us. I wish him well. And to be fair, a fully fit Craig Gordon is good enough for us I feel.

As for Virgil, I would say he is clearly an excellent SPFL centre half, but he has never exactly shined in Europe. In fact, Kelvin Wilson performed far better! So if we were to be offered big bucks, then you take it. The only issue being it leaves us without any form of decent centre half.

I have heard it said that we missed Scott Brown and his motivational play. I’m sorry. Broony is a good player, but if any of our side need another player to drive them on and get them up for a game, then they can get out.

The current squad needs to have a look at themselves. And hopefully Griffiths and Stokes are doing so in the reflection of the Transfer Window!



So there we go. Where are Celtic right now? Well, ridiculously we are almost on the verge of getting back into the Champions League!!!

But our issues are far greater. Without SERIOUS overhaul of the squad with maybe 7 out and potentially the same in, we will embarrass ourselves further.

I would say the swing-o-meter of blame is well inside the sector of the Board. We need money, it doesn’t have to be big, but money. Let’s have 2 CBs, a number 10 and at least 1 if not 2 strikers to start with.

By the time some of you read this, you’ll just think awk shoosht…….we won 3-0……!!!!!!!







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