You would think a guy who grew up supporting The Ibrox club would not be a hit with the Celtic support when he pulled on a Rangers* jersey and played for them.

However, while this would usually be the universal opinion, there’s always an exception.

That exception is Andy Halliday!

Since The Rangers arrived in the SPFL and Celtic have been besting them, Andy has come a bit of a comical figure among The Celtic support.

On more than one occasion at a Glasgow Derby, we’ve heard the whole Celtic support sing his name in unison.

Why? His gritted teeth and his staunchness as he plays in an Ibrox side who have watched Celtic won three trebles on the bounce.

His anger before and after games and of course a stinging tackle on a Celtic player he’ll probably dine out on in the coming years.

The player’s Ibrox contract is apparently about run out this summer which has left more than a few Celtic fans calling on Steven Gerrard to do the right thing.

Sign him up! We’d be sad if he missed the ten.


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