Ange Postecoglou seems to have a long line of “professionals” queuing up to throw roses at him. From Celts to non Celts everyone is jumping on the Angeball bus.

It should be said that the Celtic fans were first to go all-in on the Australian. Maybe not the first time his name was mentioned with the job but certainly when they heard him speak and listened to his footballing philposhpies.

Even in his early maulings by European clubs most football people could see where the club was heading from a footballing perspective. It wasn’t lost on most rational thinking Celtic fans that the first season or two needed a massive rebuild from the ground up.

Postecoglou’s real masterclass this season has been with the type of players he has brought in. Much like his own unveiling Ange was bringing in players that needed a google search (apart from Joe Hart). The fact that he got so many players to gel and start performing almost instantly should not be overlooked.

Ally McCoist is the latest to sing the big Australians praises on Sky Sports he said.

“I’ve got to say Ange Postecoglou has done a wonderful job at Celtic, I say that of course through gritted teeth. Respect where it’s due, he has done a great job and continues to do a great job.” 

Celtic have one trophy in the bag and two more to play for as we get down to the business end of the season. There is no room for complacency or allowing any of the rose throwers to distract from the task in hand.


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