THUG FOOTBALLER Paul Paton fell on the right side of the ludicrous football law that if the referee deals with the incident at the time, no further action can be taken.

The poor excuse for a footballer elbowed the invincible Scott Brown during Celtic’s record breaking win against St Johnstone. The Player led with his elbow and looked like he meant every bit of it against the Celtic captain.

The player should have seen red straight away for the incident but the referee Bobby Madden was having none of it.

Paton has been booked the last six times he’s played Celtic. His thuggish approach to football is nothing new.

Some say his punishment for the incident came later on in the game when Tom Rogic absolutely destroyed him with a brilliant piece of skill – watch that here!



  1. Yep in that hun madden gave many dodgy decisions one that led to their only shot on target from a free kick he gave for reason only knowe to hI’m what a bigot anti Celtic country “brigadoon”is awww can we not just resign from this corrupt little leaguextra we are too big a Real Global Iconic club! And all these hunsites and self pronounced “off the ball” diday teams know it @ also hate our players and managers being linked with team nowhere near our Great club size tho there ain’t many if any that come near us in size Fact! Hail Hail

  2. Its been going on for Decades.The Parasite Allegiance is nothing more than an Utter Embarrassment to Football loving Decent folk the World Over.This is what we Celtic have put up with Constantly.Sevco HunZz SFA HunZz Referee HunZz.Even suggesting that Sevco are Same Club is Evidence Enough that just how brassneckedness this Disgusting Vermin Stoop.Cheating Blatantly for Years and Nothing is Done About it.Had to restart from Div3.There was no such thing as Relegation.Liquidation = Dead.Mon Celtic lets Smash our own 9 In A Row.By pass there Dead Clubs 54 Tainted Titles.And Ram Honest Beautiful Truthful Decent Football Right Down There Ugly Throats…They Are Forever In Our Shadow.Liquidated There Dead Club trying to Better the Mighty Tic.HH GGAW

  3. Stessano,Envious Jealousy Bitter and Twisted springs to mind when i look at Sevcolona and the way they percieve Themselves.As this Global Entitled institution that thinks just being in the Premier gives them preferential entitlement to be at the Summit,As if they are Numero Uno in Scottish Football.Reality is,Minus EBT etc,They’d have been a Mediocre Club,Exactly what they are now.They Think They Are Something They Most Certainly Are Not,Oldco can never be Sevcolona.Oldco Perished in that big burnie liquidation fire.That is There REALITY!!!!HH GIRUTSC


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