ANDREW DALLAS has been taking a lot of heat recently and rightfully so.

The whistler and son of former head referee Hugh Dallas has had some absolute shockers.

The referee who got the League Cup Final gig had an erratic game on Sunday and even awarded Celtic a penalty which should never have been a penalty to begin with.

His reading of the game has been suspect and it’s not just Celtic fans who think so. After Dallas took charge of the Hearts game midweek and handed St Johnstone a very soft penalty there has been an uproar about the whistler’s performance and Hearts player Berra has branded the decision by the referee as ‘pathetic’.

“It’s pathetic, eh? It is.” Berra told SunSport.

“I spoke to the ref and he said, ‘It’s clear as day’.

“I’ve seen it. He just falls down and the ball is going away from goal. The ref is 30 yards away. You need to be 100 per cent sure it’s a penalty and I don’t think it was.

“Are you not allowed body contact in the box, seriously? You just fall down and it’s a penalty?

“I need to watch what I say, but I also have a right to say whether I think it was a penalty or not.

“There is nothing wrong with that. I am not criticising the guy, but it’s not a penalty.

“They will get decisions wrong, but when it’s clear as day and not even contentious?”

The standard of refereeing is getting worse year by year. Chris Sutton slammed Kevin Clancy for his showing on Wednesday night when he chopped off a perfectly legitimate Celtic goal which ultimately cost the team two points on the night.

How do you solve a problem like Scottish referees?


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