It’s getting close to the end of the season which means transfer rumours are going to be popping up everywhere. Some with foundation and some completely without.

Fans can enjoy the transfer window and loathe it in equal measure, with news about who your team might sign and the excitement if it comes to fruition is always great for a football fan, but when your players are being courted it can be a long summer.

News out of Spain last night is Villareal have been stepping up their efforts to find a new striker and Moussa Dembele is on their list of potential recruits with the Spanish team willing to spend big in order to procure a goal scorer.

The Spanish side and friends of Celtic currently sit an impressive 6th in La Liga and are just lacking the goals needed to push on.


This is a new side linked with Dembele but even though they have the money to complete a huge transfer deal it’s thought the Frenchman has his eyes firmly set on a major move when he does leave Celtic. Villareal are a good side in Spain but would they wet the Frenchman’s appetite, it’s unlikely.