As Jim White called time on the bizarre, yellow-stained affair that is ‘transfer deadline day’ many have been evaluating the business that Celtic have conducted over the summer months. It is important to stress that all five signings; Sinclair, Toure, De Vries, Dembele and most recently Gamboa have all been added and all look like astute acquisitions. It is refreshing to see Rodgers identify problem positions and attract players that can have an immediate impact.

However, there is a case the to be made that there has been an opportunity missed. The defeat to Hapoel Beer Sheva, in Israel, highlighted that while improvements have been vast, there is still huge room for improvement. Seven days had passed between Champions League qualification and the closing of the transfer window, yet the only addition has been Gamboa. When you factor in that our Champions League group contains both Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City, the imperious Barcelona as well as dark horses Borussia Monchengladbach, things can appear ominous.

Fans have suggested that we should be happy with the additions. That all the money won from the Champions League can be squirreled away, a hidden arsenal ready to be unleashed should anyone in Scotland prove themselves strong enough to lift their heads from the parapet. That to me shows a real lack of ambition, a small club mentality that has all too often blighted our club in recent years. Instead of worrying what rivals are doing we should be looking to elevate ourselves. A sizable investment could not only have made the difference on the domestic front, but would also have given us a fighter’s chance when we square up against some of the goliaths of the continent.

What I am suggesting is not some lunatic’s splurge, a spending spree that could kill the club, but a healthy injection of playing staff that from this onlooker’s vantage point is still sorely lacking. With many transfers nowadays being described as ‘undisclosed’ it is hard to be accurate, but it appears that Celtic spent an approximate £5.3million and received in fees an approximate £3million. Had the transfer of Šimunović gone ahead Celtic would have actually made a profit this window.

Of course, you must factor in that Brendan Rodgers has already improved a number of the players and will no doubt continue to do so. Sadly, for me, it is an opportunity missed.




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  1. Agree – they may have tried but probably too late awaiting to see if we qualified – feel let down as I am sure most season ticket holders do too

  2. Anyone calling this window an opportunity missed is short-sighted beyond belief. This is the first window in the journey to 10 in a row and beyond. Have patience, enjoy the next few months and allow the team to grow and develop while maintaining the ethos that we already hold. To pour negativity on what should be a window where we are delighted with our business is both uncalled for and unhelpful to the project that is in progress and already has us in the best shape we’ve been in since Larsson wore our Number 7.

    In Brendan We Trust.

  3. I think we could have shown a bit more ambition and got at least one more quality signing over the line before window closed. Imo decent striker to compete with griffaldo and moussa and an experienced centre mid to break up the tempo sapping brown-bitton combo is whats needed. Would it have made any difference in our ecl group? Doubt it. Do we need it domestically? Dont think we do. Exiting times ahead….HH In Brendan we trust.

  4. The idea that BR could have dealt with all issues in just one transfer window is fanciful. The reason why the signings so far look the part is because they were who BR wanted, and not buys for the sake of buying. Rrmember MON wanted Lenny, and was prepared to ignore other targets and wait months for him. I suspect BR is the same.,

  5. So sign anyone!! Best business for me is done well before the window shuts. Squad is far too big, sounds like Rodgers had his targets and if they weren’t available don’t overspend or buy someone you are not sure of. Exciting if this is case over 2 or 3 transfer windows. Crap out, better in.

  6. I think the recent additions to the team prior to the transfer window have hit the ground running and can get even better. To think we can progress to the next round in the CL at this time is being a bit optimistic although with BR in charge who knows and the Europa is far more manageable.

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