MailSport chief reporter has posted today that Sky Sports will not be subject to a full investigation into their gross mistranslation of Alfredo Morelos on a technicality.

The interview subtitles put out by Sky Sports claimed Morlelos had said disparaging things about the celtic support which he never did. It was only when this was pointed out by Spanish speaking Celtic supporters who alerted the club that Sky took the interview down.

Celtic contacted Sky Sports and after an apology the club was dissatisfied with the outcome and sent a complaint to the independent body Ofcom for investigation

Stephen McGowan has now reported the independent body will not be conducting a full investigation.

The reasoning behind the decisions was also confirmed by McGowan who quoted an Ofcom spokesperson:

‘As the section of the interview with the incorrect translation was shown only on Sky’s website and on-demand platforms and not on its broadcast television channel, we have no grounds to pursue this matter under the Broadcasting Code.’

So Sky get away with it because it doesn’t full under Ofcom’s jurisdiction. Let’s be clear, they have not been found innocent of any wrong doing, they just can’t be pursued in this form.



  1. They should ban sky and put out to tender for home games to bt SPL, bein, any other and let them stew as
    like the SFA, or all fans cancel there subscriptions

  2. Take the fuckers tae court for defamation of charator and sue the cunts and refuse point blank to do any media work that won’t be good for them next season will it the new era of scottish football but the champions won’t be involved in anything we do unless it’s away from home can’t let them away with it like I said on a forum the other day I watched sky sports news on Sunday for bout 60 mins never heard us get mentioned once fuckin terrible and that was after the games BTW Terri le hail hail


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