VICTOR WANYAMA has spoken out over his treatment at Spurs towards the end of his time with the club. The Kenyan was once a big part of the team but was marginalised to the point he was non existent.

Speaking to MadGoat TV, the midfielder became disillusioned with the club and even more so when Victor made the revelation Celtic came calling and Spurs wouldn’t play ball.

The midfielder says their hesitance to do a deal with Celtic and other clubs so any deal collapse in the last window.

It was only after the European window closed when Victor would get a move to Montreal Impact.

“It was sad the way they were treating me. I had given my all to the club. I loved the club and had a good relationship with the fans and the players so I wanted to leave the club to at least enjoy football again.

“They started to delay a lot of things, even Celtic among many other teams wanted to sign me but the club was taking me on rounds until the deals collapse, and the transfer windows close.

“I spoke with my agent and he told me the MLS transfer window was still open and there were teams that are interested in my services.  I can go there and at least get my passion for the game back on track and you never know one day I might move somewhere else.”

Celtic fans were desperate to see Victor come in for at least a six month stint in January. Knowing what we know now, it was probably for the best we didn’t bring the player into the club.

With the shutdown, his time would have been seriously curtailed with Celtic footing a large part of his wages.

Now playing in the MLS, we shouldn’t rule out the possibility of Victor coming back to Celtic in the next couple of years. Neil Lennon has a big soft spot for the defensive mid.