While most of Scottish Football has come together in support of Leigh Griffiths in the aftermath of the sad news the player is in need of time away from the game – the scenes in Vienna on Wednesday night are embarrassing to say the least.

Gers fans who have made the trip to watch their team play in the Europa league sound like they’re in their element as they gleefully sing about Leigh Griffiths current plight.

A video uploaded by an Ibrox fan has them singing ‘Here’s to you Leigh Griffiths, you won’t be playing football anymore’.

Some things should go beyond rivalry but when you have a support who leaves nothing off the table as they struggle to stay relevant it’s shocking behaviour but NOT surprising.

Leigh has taken the brave step of seeking help for his off-field problems and Brendan Rodgers along with many other people in the game have shown their support for Leigh and hopes he gets back on the pitch when he’s ready to do so.

Mental health can affect anyone at any time and in this day and age, you will be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t been through their own struggles or is close to someone who has.

That’s why today you see the outpouring of emotion for the Celtic striker – these cretins will no doubt have friends and family going through similar struggles but this guy plays for Celtic and has tied a scarf around their post so he’s fair game obviously.

Pathetic really.