ANDY WALKER might be getting splinters up his backside as he put his case forward for both sides to win the Glasgow Derby on Sunday.

However, the former Celtic man did admit it he wouldn’t be surprised at all to see a home victory.

‘I’m so looking forward to it but honestly, it could go either way. I haven’t been able to say that in a number of years. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Rangers, with the momentum they’ve got, get a victory.’ Walker told the Sky Sports website.

The pundit also pointed out Scott Brown and Jamie Murphy were the two key men to watch on Sunday when the sides go head to head.

Celtic are going into their fourth tie at Ibrox under Brendan Rodgers with the Irishman prevailing three times before.

Rodgers is yet to lose to the Ibrox side with 6 wins and 2 draws since becoming the Celtic manager.


  1. I read that Sky sports article from Walker. 7 paragraphs on Sevco and 2 on Celtic. 2 more to sum up as per your headline.
    Remind me again…..who did Walker earn his living from as a footballer?

  2. Does anybody else notice since January most other sporting sites on newsnow print negative stories. Hitc futball insider etc is always a non story slanted in a negative way. I don’t even click on them to give them ad revenue I’d advise against supporting wierdo websites with Jim Traynor influences.

  3. Fergus has really hurt this wee uncle tims feelings badly, the chip he has on his shoulder for Celtic gets bigger day by day, the wee scumbag should never be invited to any centenary double celebration on the future.

  4. Nothing ever surprises me when it comes to ex players and so called boyhood fans like Walker,Nicholas and Burley,all are always more than ready to put a negative Celtic,pro Sevco word in before the new Glasgow derby,all for the M.S.M coin.It’s always the same,the back pages in the run up to the game will be all about this Celtic player linked here and there,all the pressure is on Celtic?? and of course the Brendan/Arsenal link which they have already started will gather pace,all of course to unsettle Celtic.Meanwhile all the uncle toms like Walker,are rolled out to blow smoke up the ars+s of Sevco.
    Won’t make a difference,Brendan will out smart Murty and Brown will fire up and inspire the team to another
    championship securing victory. HAIL HAIL

  5. They have not faced anything since hibs beat them last,now Dembele is returning to his peak and broonie will be relishing rubbing there noses in it come Sunday afternoon we’ll be 9pts ahead with game in hand.Hail!Hail.

  6. Celtic need to show up and produce a performance that they haven’t in a while to put them back in their place. Show up and perform like they have been in recent months and we will lose. The [players need to improve. I see Sinclair is talking about thriving on the pressure, hopefully it is the pressure of getting a ticket for the game not playing.


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