With the Glasgow derby coming up this weekend and the news of Virgil van Dijk’s world record transfer, it was only right we pulled out this clip from the vault.

The Dutchman was a leader on the pitch and could shrug off nearly any opposition player. None so easier than in the League Cup semi-final when Nicky Law tried to go toe to toe with the big defender.

He never stood a chance.

Sums up the two sides quite nicely.


  1. We Keep Hearing,(Old Firm)Everytime the f…..g media mention Sevco in the same sentence as Celtic.Partick Thistle are Our Oldest Glasgow Rivals after the Liquidation and DEATH of RainJurz back in 2012.Those are Facts and Truth.Writing Utter BS regarding Sevco and Celtic doesnt make Sevco anymore Relevant than Inverness Caley Thistle.Both those Teams are on a Par,Even though ICT have a longer HISTORY etc.Big Virgil putting a Pretendy Pretendy Kid on RainJurz player well n truly,In Its Place..HH


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