Brendan Rodgers as hinted Celtic will walk away from deal with Hibs if the deal doesn’t work for the club.

The Irishman hasn’t hidden his desire to bring John McGinn to Celtic Park but he knows if the deal doesn’t make sense for Celtic it won’t happen.

Asked if there’s a point in time where Celtic would walk away from the table, Rodgers was straight to the point.

“But if there comes a point in time where it’s not going to happen then of course, naturally, we might need to do that.

“We are already players down from last season.

We want to strengthen the squad – that’s important for us.

“I’m aware at this time that there also needs to be patience as well.”

Celtic know they can go back in for John in January should Hibs stick to their £4million fee which Celtic are unwilling to match.


  1. Time to walk away. The Hibs Hun chairman is playing games with us and is prepared to take a loss to his club, but will be rewarded by his friends further down the line. It’s all about the Scottish Masonic establishment stopping Celtic and thus helping sevco

    • joe, that is complete nonsense, petrie doe not like rangers and has dealt with celtic in the past far more times than rangers. there is no collusion, infact relations between hibs and rangers have never been so bad,… so I just dont get that statement atall

  2. We are going back to the biscuit tin mentality unfortunately. We got £7m for Armstrong and offer £2m for McGinn. Does anyone believe these valuations are correct and if they are why are we buying someone so obviously inferior to the player we sold. There is a £30m windfall if we qualify, surely this is worth paying a bit more for McGinn to give us the best chance of success. Bad business in my opinion.

  3. If we hold out till January.Get him on a pre contract.And Hibs will get NaDa.The Hun Element have there Rabidness steeped in our game,Its needing Weeded.Rangers Died Trying,Sevco??Are they Even worthy of a mention.HfH.The Hunz are Easily Lead ffs look at King.lolololol…i wouldnt trust him with a shopping list..


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