BENFICA Fans are becoming increasingly upset by their club and manager’s decision to let Jota go out on loan AND allow Celtic to have a first option to buy the winger.

Jota has been tearing it up at Celtic since coming in at the end of August and Hoops fans are desperate to see the club exercise their first option on the player.

One Benfica forum shows the strength of feeling when it comes to Jota and the mistake the club have made by allowing the player to leave.





The comments above came after Jota scored against Bayer Leverkusen in the Europa League. The bhoys were desperately unlucky on the night and collapsed late in the game.

Jota took his goal well and continues to show his worth to this side.

Ange has told the club aren’t in a rush to sign the winger up at this juncture and will wait to sit down with Jota nearer the end of the season.

Hopefully a deal can be done.


  1. Chance you take celtic done it and lost 3million but celtic want buy him and sell him straight away that’s not what the rules was meant for


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