CELTIC ran out 5-1 winners against Motherwell in an absolute rout at Celtic Park on Saturday.

However, the game was not without peculiar moments. With Celtic 2-0 up in cruising a wonderful passing move ended up with Tom Rogic putting the ball in the back of the net.

The support celebrated, the Celtic players celebrated and as we got ready for a Motherwell kick off when about 25 seconds later the referee calls it offside and pulls it back for a free kick.

Now the footage suggests Rogic could have just strayed offside here, not conclusive but you could excuse the decision being made. What was strange is the linesman never put his flag up, fans directly behind the linesman testified to that during the game.

That means referee Kevin Glancy has awarded the goal only to overrule it VERY late in the day. Had that goal mattered it would have been a point of contention or had it happened to Motherwell.



  1. The most bizarre decision ever….goal scored given,acknowledged and celebrated….no complaints from dignified Motherwell…..linesman static and back at half way line…..go figure! Some new law…who knows!

    • What school did you go to Sean? Did they not teach you what a yard is? I will give you the benefit of the doubt, perhaps you should make an appointment for Specsavers.

  2. Only one Motherwell man appealed the offside and that was the man Rigid ghosted by, the rest of the ‘Well defence, did not appeal! Great moved once again spoiled by one stupid referee!! Pull the string on your whistle tight Clancy, when it is round your neck, for that was not your only blunder, as you lost the game completely, as you did know your arse from your elbow!!!! Give it up son , it is too big for you!!!

  3. Maybe Clancey was reminising over Oldco Glory Days of Years Past,Then suddenly realised,He had made the Pledge as the rest of them have,And as they Do,Wiped It from the score,Time to Move On???Guys an absolute Bellend just like the rest of the Brethren…Only in Scotland.


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