CHRIS SUTTON has come out this morning and asked ‘what’s the issue?’ with Michael O’Halloran sitting in the Celtic end in Saturday to watch his boyhood heroes.

The BT pundit quoted an article that stated the Ibrox player was sorry for sitting among the Celtic fans but Chris doesn’t see the big deal and he even thinks Ibrox fans should see it as a positive…kind of.

Chris is always at the wind up and will no doubt catch flack from the usual suspects for a bit of light hearted banter.


  1. These Sevconian Clowns are living in the 1690s.To be honest,Its a wonder Any Decent Player would even consider them as a great career move.And they wonder why every supporter of every other Club takes great pleasure in laughing at Them.They are an absolute Embarrassment to Scottish (World)Football.Scotland needs a Strong Sevco???Dont ,Please my sides are killing me ,Enough with constant Hilarity regarding that Corrupt Establishment.Stevie Blunder is there last throw of the Dice.The Green n White Juggernaut Just Goes on n on n on n on n on…HfH


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