CHRIS SUTTON was asked is The Rangers could be top of the league by the new year and the Englishman’s response was classic.

The pundits are at Pittodrie today for Aberdeen vs Hibernian which is sure to be an entertaining encounter.

Chris Sutton was correct to inquire about the interviewer’s alcohol intake in this instance!



  1. The interviewer, is just showing the same feelings all the media is showing , at just how desperate the all are for Celtic to get beat! And Sutton’s answer is spot on! These people can not hide thier feelings of hate for all things Celtic.! And it will go on untill the end of the season, because we are not going to be beat, by ANY club Scotland! Hail Hail.

  2. Real Sevcolona will be Top of the Toilet Pan,Floating to the Top coz they are Shit,Literally.All the Hun Media and the Hurt and Pain that shows in there Biased opinions about Wanting Urging a Celtic Defeat…Dream On…We Are Breaking Our Own 9 IAR record.Watch n Weep Deloodeid Morons.HH GIRUTLOY

  3. I thought Sutton was about to say ‘Of course it’s possible,but did they remember to post Santa’s letter up the chimney?’
    There’s more chance that I’d be atop the Christmas tree.
    It’d need scaffolding for defo.

  4. They are a lot closer than anyone expected. Even though they are in a terrible state. Mainly due to Celtic’s complacency. Hibs results against the top clubs are revealing. Even though we were two goals up with just over ten minutes to go we couldn’t hold on yet pathetic Sevco came from behind to beat them and Aberdeen hammered them. Time Celtic started focusing on winning rather than not getting beat.

  5. Absolutely,John.Totally Agree,We need to sort out our defence.Once and For all as the time is coming were we are in total control in games and the defence has been lacking in concentration,Ive always thought Boyata is a bomb scare just waiting to slf detonate.And a few times now the evidence has been there,Id love for him to prove me wrong But……..HH n Awrat


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