Record Sport has run with a story today which has come from claiming Brendan Rodgers is now contemplating using Kolo Toure as a go-between to convince the midfielder to go to Celtic for the second half of the campaign.

Yaya is a free agent after coming to terms with his release from Olympiacos last month and is looking for a new challenge. The former Barcelona and Manchester City man is not looking to hang up his boots just yet, and if Brendan Rodgers was genuinely interested, then he certainly has a jump on other clubs having Kolo in his backroom staff.

However, it’s all just a little too convenient. While Celtic’s transfer policy seems to hint towards a more significant role of Kolo in recruitment, to go from that to suggesting he could broker a deal to see his brother make a sensational move to Scotland is jumping the gun.

While Celtic fans would welcome someone of his calibre, especially for the Europa League tie against Valencia – there’s no way Celtic would break their wage structure to land the player.

Too many ifs, and buts.


  1. Now that would be a signing and much bigger than SG he would put us in the limelight but could he be hit for Celtic well yes he could so give him a deal for 6 months so he can be BOSS then if he likes give a better deal do this Celtic and 8 is ours then we have daylight and 9 will come and 10 plus will follow…

  2. Sounds good, but when he’s injured who will replace him?? Celtic can’t build a team on loans. Time for the scouts to get their groove on and get looking for a couple of strong game changers. Young or old doesn’t matter. As that’s what St Brendan needs.


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