Sympathy will be thin on the ground from Celtic fans this morning as The Rangers have to deal with more embarrassment. The wheels have continued to fall off since the Rangers came up into the big Bhoys league.

Some folk just find it hard to accept some home truths. This young fan is struggling with the heat. Not of the competition, but his Ma has the heat up full blast because of some broken windows.

He’s also rather sarcastically enjoying some of the new records his new club is setting.

Check out this hilarious video from a Celtic fans twitter account.


  1. Im confused,They stated Hamilton hadnt beat RainJurz in 30 odd years.How can that be,When Sevcolona are all of 6 Years Old.This is the confusion that is Sevcolona.Ye see RainJurz dont Exist anymore.And These Clowns pretending to be a Dead Club,Is there,Reality at The Crumble Dome Yesterday.Hamilton???We Are All Hahahahamilton………

  2. If they would just accept that they are a new club and not the same club that went into liquidation and died, maybe it would all make sense to them the same way it does to every other football fan in Scottish football ….pmsl

  3. Think he’s unwittingly making a comment that nobody understand or speaks the same language as half the rest of the new team so they cannot communicate on the pitch. Maybe that was Pedros job – not manager but pitch interpreter !


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