BRENDAN RODGERS has given his reaction to watching his side fall to a late defeat to Kilmarnock.

The Celtic manager made four changes to the side that beat Rosenborg. Ntcham was suspended and in came Euro goal hero for Odsonne Edouard. Also starts for Christie and Mikey Johnston as the gaffer did his best to freshen up a stale side.

It was more of the same from what we have seen from Celtic in recent times. Defenders with so much possession passing among themselves with no movement in front and very little penetration.

Speaking after the game – the Celtic manager says there is nobody to blame for the defeat today but themselves.

“It’s always a sore one if you lose a late goal. We have no one to blame bar ourselves. We can’t complain.”

“It was a scrappy game but I still felt we had the better moments and more control over the game but two basic situations cost us.

“I take responsibility. We made the changes to try and get that energy and brightness and sharpness that may not be there if you’ve played late on a Thursday night.”

“It hasn’t been a great start to the campaign but we have to accept that. We’re the only ones who can make it better by playing better and getting more consistent results. It’s been very bitty but we have to go away and work and see where we can be better.”

Celtic will be back in SPFL action Saturday at home to Aberdeen where a big performance will be needed.


  1. Watching paint dry is more exciting than watching Celtic these days. Teams have got us so sussed as we don’t seem to be able to find any creativity at all. Sinclair is now just a waste of resources.

  2. The ref watch was interesting. Thomson couldn’t wait to call against us at every opportunity and don’t think it was a last minute corner to Killie either That aside we were pish but that pitch, dear oh dear !!

  3. No point in the Sinclairs being celebrities off the pitch. It’s what he did on the pitch in his first season that won him awards and adulation. If he’s not happy then he should be moved on. If he can’t recapture his original form then he’s of little use in the hoops. His loss of form seemed to coincide with his being racially abused vs the Huns at Ibrox. He’s hardly kicked a ball since then. There didn’t seem to be much affinity between him and his team-mates mid week and he looked a sad and lonely soul in the dugout at Kilmarnock today.

  4. Listen we should have 22 players each one as good as the other so if one is not fit the other takes his place we are so lost now we can only hold the ball when passing along our back line,sad football we hit a long ball if we can in to the box looking for one player only, we should defend as a team and we attack as a team,this type of football we are playing is no good,now we can not pass or attack that tells you some thing is so wrong here midweek games and weekend games are much the same no one is happy no one wants to win anymore scared of the the other teams players so scared to play football like men,BR needs to sort this now there is no good beating SG team and we can not beat any one else……….Rogers is the one that picks the team and he should know if a player is ready but it looks like we got a lot of only average players now we need to stop them playing and buy in the players now or we will win nothing…………..

  5. Gonna go out on a limb here and say what I’ve been thinking for a long time…Brendan Rodgers is a very fortunate manager cos if Ronnie Delias team had been getting results like what he’s been getting, we’d be shouting for him to be sacked. We can talk about the board not spending but what about the signings he’s made?..absolute crap..the team on Thursday had 2 signings he made, the rest had been there. His tactics are shit, he never changes and if it was up to me I’d punt him now.


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