BRENDAN RODGERS looks a man confused and bereft of ideas as to why his Celtic side has gone from Champs to chumps so early in the season.

However, the Irishman is not throwing in the towel – far from it.

When Celtic are on a winning run of form the Celtic manager does not get carried away and now they’re struggling for the first time in his tenure he refuses to go over the top BUT he did say something very interesting after the Kilmarnock defeat.

With six games gone, Celtic are in sixth place scoring only six goals and have a lower point total than The Rangers and Livingston.

The Celtic gaffer proclaimed, let’s see where we are after ten.

“We look at it after ten games,”

“We never get too carried away when winning and we won’t get carried away when we’re in the position we are. There’s no doubt we have to be better.

“It hasn’t been great but we have to accept that. We’re the only ones who can make it better and get more consistent results.”

It’s a rather peculiar thing to say, if Celtic are still struggling after ten games, what happens?

Is he setting himself or his faltering players a deadline?


  1. Brendan Rodgers is embarrassing. He has 10 x as much money as rangers to spend on players and wages and the Kilmarnock team are worth less than Scott Sinclair. I am tired of his excuses and tactics. Celtic are boring to watch and the players are embarrassing with there puffed up egos. As for Leigh Griffiths and his 5 children to five woman and He is age 28. There are rumours of him having a drug habbit. He has now signed a 4 year deal. And then we have the Celtic board. Did anybody read pteter lawell latest statement trying to manupalate the Celtic support. And what about Scott Brown the greatest midfielder ever for back passed to the goalkeeper. Celtic are a joke from top to bottom

    • If you are a Celtic supporter you’re comments are a disgrace, the manager has won 2 trebles and he deserves time to put things right.That said the lack of summer transfer activity was a big mistake especially missing out on McGinn, tlme for everyone at the club including the supporters to pull together and lets see where we are at end of season.If we haven’t won our 8th title then big questions will be asked of a number of people.

  2. Well,who knows what after 10 games,if we have not improved or more importantly kept in touch ,it may well be to late, if after this number no improvement,then what’s?cant bring in players till next window,unless it is free’s,and if they are that ,can’t be any quality,just have to hope BR gets his head round this ,and waves some kind of magic wand,the players named as out of contract,do not inspire confidence do they?????know doubt they will be working hard to sort this out, just keep in touch, sure things will improve,if not we are no better than the rest.

  3. This has been coming for a year now.Last Christmas the excuse was the players was exhausted.Doudle treble or not Rodgers is on shaky peg.This was the type of substandard management that lost Rodgers the Liverpool job.On Thursday after Leigh Grid scored a section started singing “Saint Brendan here for ten in row.” What this has got to do with a last minute winner in Europa Cup is baffling.After the Kllie game Saint Brendan ain’t going get us 8 in a row.He finished last season 2 defeats and a draw away from losing a title.Six games into this season he has already dropped those points.If he hasn’t turned by fame number 10 drastic measures will be needed to ensure we get the title this season!

  4. Reserve Squad is there for players if they are not wanting to be or not good enough for the first team Squad but if there is unrest in the dressing room then BR should take control and remove the players out of there and play them in Reserve team then in January sell them,we must bring in players that want to play for the club and we need them in now and replace those players with real pros who do things the right way……..


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