Alistair Johnston is in Italy enjoying some down time ahead of heading to Glasgow.

CeltsAreHere will be attending Alistair’s first media press conference this Monday as the Canadian officially begins his Celtic career.

The right back caused a bit of a stir on Instagram on Thursday night when he posted from Italy.

alistair Johnston
REUTERS/Hannah Mckay

Not knowing everything he says and does is now under the microscope, the Canadian has a joke with Victor Wanyama on his Instagram page and many Celtic fans thought they’d got a transfer exclusive.

Alistair deleted the comment.

Victor did have a hand in Alistair coming to Celtic but he won’t be joining him, that’s for sure.

There has been many links with Celtic and Victor over the years since he left the club, but it never materialised. Now, at the back end of his career, he certainly wouldn’t be able to fit into Ange’s side.

Victor remains a Celtic supporter and talks up the club to anyone who will listen.


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