ALLY McCoist has admitted he can’t even look at Celtic Park when he needs to drive past the 60,000 capacity stadium in his day to day life.

Speaking to TalkSport Breakfast the former Ibrox manager said:

“I’ve got to tell the truth. See when I’m on that new stretch of the motorway that takes you to Glasgow – I look the other way.

“See when Celtic Park is on my left and I’m heading up to see my mum in East Kilbride, I can’t even look left.”

McCoist maybe disguising it as a joke but we have no doubt that’s exactly what he does when faced with looking at the home of the soon to be eight-in-a-row champions.

Celtic Park sits in the East End of Glasgow and can be seen from the Kingston Bridge and also on the new stretch of motorway. It’s quite a sight for Celtic fans who get to lay eyes on the stadium going about their lives and catch a glimpse of it as they approach on matchday.

The outside of the stadium has undergone serious renovation over the past ten years and it is quite a sight. It’s only natural for Ally to be jealous of it and want to look away.


    • Was visiting the East end a few weeks ago with an
      Italian colleague who has been in Scotland a few weeks.
      On driving past she remark,oh how wonderful the
      famous Celtic Park !! You.can,t miss it as it is so imposing,tough luck Ally.

  1. Listen am a Celtic man and if all was a Celtic player would’ve been an honor !
    Henrick in his prime and Ally in his prime what a duo !!


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