NEIL LENNON has been warned by Ally McCoist NOT to go down the road of taking the Celtic fans on after the Irishman hit back at some of the critics in his own support.

Neil commented on a new generation of fans who are spoiled by success and can’t enjoy the moment. This hasn’t gone down well with a lot of the Celtic support and the interim Celtic boss has caused a little bit of a backlash.

Ally McCoist believes Neil Lennon is perfectly entitled to vent his opinion but he warned taking on the support rarely works out for a manager or player.

The former Ibrox man also defended his formal rival by insisting Celtic’s form had dipped below an acceptable standard before Neil Lennon took the job.

“The drop in form hasn’t coincided with Neil Lennon returning to Celtic.” McCoist told SunSport.

“All Neil has done is continue the winning form of Celtic as a football club and I would expect them to go on and win the treble.

“Regarding the fans, Neil’s well entitled to his opinion.

“But you’ve got to be very careful when you take on the fans because very seldom you take on the fans and win a battle against the fans.”

Neil Lennon will watch his team lift the title on Sunday afternoon before preparing them for their third consecutive Scottish Cup final where a place in history awaits if they manage to grab a treble treble.

If the Irishman helps land the trophy he will give himself the best chance of becoming the new Celtic manager.


  1. Neil lemon is saying it will not be his fault if we loose, in days. Of old fans had very little say in our club due to the Kelly’s,
    The share holder’s as like Neil is, they are under the impression that money from player sales is there’s and, intend to use the money earned to fund there share in hotel and museum profits , we as fans are not like the old ,and we know the color of our money, and what we expect to get from it . our support has quadrupeled in money terms that of any share holders one of payment. Neil will not piss down my leg and say its raining


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