Former Celtic striker Andy Walker has expressed scepticism about the club’s willingness to make significant investments in the upcoming January transfer window and has criticised their recent Champions League efforts.

Soccer Football – Champions League – Group E – Lazio v Celtic – Stadio Olimpico, Rome, Italy – November 28, 2023
Celtic’s Alistair Johnston in action with Lazio’s Adam Marusic REUTERS/Alberto Lingria

Speaking on Go Radio, Walker cast doubt on the possibility of Celtic spending £10 million on a single player, despite having substantial funds available.

Walker’s comments come in the wake of Celtic’s underwhelming Champions League campaign, where they have managed only one point from five games. He described their performance in the competition as “woeful” and “a wee bit embarrassing,” suggesting that the club’s boardroom might be prioritising domestic dominance over making a strong run in European competitions.

While acknowledging the desire of Celtic fans to see substantial investments in January, Walker believes manager Brendan Rodgers is unlikely to splash out on a marquee signing. Instead, he predicts the club may opt to bring in one or two players at half the price, a strategy he views as more aligned with Celtic’s approach.

Walker said: “The idea of Celtic going out to spend £10m on a player, I just can’t see them doing it.

“I honestly think they would regard it as a false economy. It would be one or maybe two players on exorbitant wages and it might not work out.

“You look at some of the other teams in the Champions League spending hundreds of millions and not really getting anywhere. Celtic I think is a club modelled on trying to be dominant domestically but as far as the Champions League is concerned, I mean you look at the record. It’s woeful and a wee bit embarrassing.

“You don’t see it getting much better any time soon. Brendan Rodgers will take a bit of time to put his own stamp on this team and I am sure he will look to do it as quickly as this window where he is looking to add a bit more quality.

“Celtic got huge money for Jota but maybe didn’t reinvest at the level supporters were hoping for. I can see Celtic spending £5m or £6m on a player, maybe even two players. “I just don’t see them spending £9 or £10m on any one player. I think the idea from everyone else at the club is we can be dominant without these two players so they are just wanting to remain successful domestically and maybe the ambition to do better in Europe is not there.”


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