Yes, the headline above was also the title of Copa 90s video on Scottish football released a few days back.

The football site asked the question, with Celtic’s dominance – has it killed Scottish football?

A laughable headline that only an ignorant mind could conjure up.

Funnily enough, the video ends up being a massive defence of Scottish football from most of the participants as they do ask the question.

It’s not just about who wins the league, it’s about everything else in between as Kilmarnock’s Stuart Findlay pointed out.

Motherwell boss Steven Robinson also came out as a Champion for Scottish football in the video.

The game up here is constantly being put down when a positive headline comes out of it by the insecure English Premier League fans who would rather tell you what their Nan could do than watch the bland brand of football their own team produces.

I look forward to the video ‘Has English Football and Sky Sports single handidly destroyed honest football?’. The EPL, where fans are more interested in telling you what their team can afford to pay for a player rather than listing the merits of why he should be signed for that price.

Celtic are going for their seventh title in a row and that should not be underestimated. The club is run very well from top to bottom and it takes a monumental effort to stay hungry and still have the passion to keep going and going as cited by our man Ben Delaney in this astute article.

There are so many leagues where one or just two teams can dominate a league but because they pay £20million for an average player it makes it more relevant.

For what it’s worth the video is worth a watch and they could have positioned this much better, then again they have their desired effect as we share this with you.

As Scottish football goes, it may not always be pretty but it has a devout following from Aberdeen to Albion Rovers. Per Capita, Scotland are top of the shop when it comes to the number of fans through the turnstiles on a weekly basis.


  1. I don’t think were killing the the game here not our fault other clubs cant keep up even fans still flocking back through the turnstiles here I think game here still needs to be looked at off the park not just on it I would sit down start things from scratch whoever gets relegated or promoted they have start from that league they go to just other fans need get back out support there clubs again here and look at the prices realistically see what we can do I do think sky and EPL have ruined it by spending and the money they all have down there 20 million for average player they pay these clubs do don’t work out these clubs going into debt and soon enough man utd paying off a 80 mill debt as it is still just start off it

  2. 6 different clubs have won major Scottish trophies in recent years since the demise of the 1st Ibrox club. Six clubs including Celtic – Hibs, Ross County, ICT, Aberdeen and St Johnstone were all able to win trophies on a level playing field. That signifies a healthy situation to me. Scottish football was systematically destroyed year in and year out by the criminality and cheating of the Ibrox club and also by the utterly corrupt SFA, who invent rules and change rules and ignore rules to suit the one club.

    When the league set up was changed to a smaller league, with clubs playing each other 4 times – it was done for financial gain. If we had two league of 20 clubs each, then they would p,at each other home and away – 38 games. This would give the smaller clubs more of an advantage, but will not happen because of the desire for cash.

    Other clubs should take heart and also follow the example of Hibs. Brendan Rodgers, Neil Lennon and Steve Clarke have breathed life into Scottish football. Hibs are the 2nd best club and Kilmarnock are rapidly improving, because they have the ability to manage their affairs properly with intelligent football people managing the clubs. So, Scottish football in my view is improving and the competition for Celtic will increase if others can emulate Hibs and Kilmarnock and I have to mention the improvement, albeit later this season, in Motherwell, who also have an astute manager.

    Scottish football is healthier now and would be even more healthy if the 2nd Ibroc club expired. Anything that has been wrong in Scottish football has been due to the cheating by the Ibrox clubs and the covering up of this cheating by the offensively corrupt SFA. Clubs need to stop getting down on their knees to welcome clubs out of Ibrox. The jersey should not intimidate any more and that club contributes nothing to Scottish football. They did not learn from their misdeeds and are more than willing to do it all again if they could.

    We are ALL better off without them. Their hubris, sectarianism, Fascist leanings and KKK connections as well as their sick sense of superiority and hatred of the “other” would not be missed. Scottish football would take a further giant leap forward without their toxic presence.

  3. The leagues should be changed because the size of the leagues stifles good football. This has led to the demise of Scottish clubs in Europe. Dundee, Kilmarnock, and Dunfermline all used to do well in Europe, but recently even Celtic are getting hammered. It is all down to the stifling football played in the Premier where 8 teams at least are fighting to stave off relegation from the off. This leads to negative football and the fans should unite to have the leagues changed.

  4. Only thing that was killed in Scottish Football was Old RainJurZz,And they Died trying to better the Lisbon Lions.So in a way,That tells us All what we need to know.I would bet my last Quid whoever wrote this nonsense is either English or A Sevconian Govanite…HH..Celtic are making History,The Honest Way.


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