After Jota scored the winner against Aberdeen on Sunday, a young Aberdeen fan was caught throwing a plastic bottle at the Celtic players. Nobody was hit and the game went on.

However, police have charged a 13-year-old with throwing the bottle onto the field and the youngster has been referred to

A Police Scotland spokesperson told Sky Sports: “A 13-year-old boy has been charged in connection with a Breach of the Peace after a plastic bottle was thrown towards the pitch at the Aberdeen v Celtic game on Sunday, 3 October.

“No one was injured and a report will be submitted to the Youth Justice Management Unit.”

Throwing things onto the pitch is unacceptable and we hope the young lad learns his lesson but we would hope there would be leniency in this instance.

We’re not clear if his parent was the one running down the steps towards the Celtic players after the goal – if it was, then shame on him for teaching his child that these antics are ok.

There was also a vape pen thrown from the stands but nobody was caught on camera doing it.

Celtic won the game 2-1 and consigned Aberdeen to another defeat under Stephen Glass. The new Dons boss is finding the going tough in the early stages of this season.

Scott Brown has been unable to help the club hit the heights they expect.


  1. A caution for this kid will be sufficient. We’ve had players assaulted, batteries and other heavy objects thrown at us at Ibrox without anyone ever being charged. Not the best idea the kid ever had, but hardly earth shattering.

  2. Agreed Vincent! However, if there was an adult human being with him, then he or she should also be given some advice.

  3. As usual no mention made on BBC Newsdrive that it was after Celtic scored and was thrown by a Dons fan.

    On the other hand if it had come from the Celtic end …………………

  4. Warn the kid, and I dont think he will do that again. I think he got caught up in the moment when the adults started running to the edge and lobbing stuff. You can see when he lobbed the bottle he wasnt aiming at anyone. I bet he got the fright of his life when the coppers arrested him.


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