Having watched Scottish football for all my days, not a lot surprises me anymore when it comes to certain things – But I must admit, the memo released by the Daily Record claiming to be from a senior officer in Police Scotland blaming Celtic players for Gers fans acting up is downright dangerous!

There was a surge towards the front of Celtic Park when the Celtic players walked past the Gers fans on their lap around the pitch (that they regularly do). The Ibrox fans could not behave themselves or act in any sort of rational manner – putting the most vulnerable of their support at risk.

Again and again, these neanderthals are pandered too and told it’s not their fault for acting like thugs and putting their own fans lives in danger by their actions.

The very notion that a football player walking past the away section with their hands waved in triumph after a big win should solicit a mouth foaming response that we should all just accept is staggering, it’s shocking and it’s indicative of Scotland’s attitude.

The same attitude that puts the blame squarely on Neil Lennon for being victimised, attacked, spat at and abused on a daily basis.

Here is some of the leaked memo.

“I am firmly of the view that there is a clear link between the actions of the Celtic players (which immediately inflamed an already delicate situation) and subsequent response of the Rangers fans.

“Had I known about the Celtic team lap of honour, I would have suggested that the plan would be to release the Rangers fans first, if we had a Celtic win.

“As it was, as the Rangers fans had already been informed of the holdback, not many were actually making concerted efforts to leave so the timings to change the cordons etc round and deliver comms and messages were too tight.”


  1. These Arseholes Cannot be taking seriously,At All.Its our Stadium.The HunZ need to behave themselves ffs,This is just Absurd.But then its Sevconians we are on about here,Absurd is there Name…Ban these Arsewipes from Paradise.Its not as if we need these Animals in our stadium.

  2. Masonic Police Scotland showing there True Unbiased Ugly Face for all to Witness.Its just Fabulous being a Tim.Knowing we have these Clowns on the Run.The lot of Them.What an absurdity this Police Statement actually is,It reflects the problems these Idiots live by….Mon the HooPs.Up n Atom….HH

  3. So whats the excuse for cutting tickets for the Crumble Dome.Oh thats right Our great players celebrated scoring against EBT F.C and the HunZ said Our players were Goading Them.This mob are in Dire Need of a Reality Check.Our Team always does a lap to thak our support.Sad Hun Scumtards.

  4. When Celtic win the xmas derby, and there’s no Tims there to hear it. Do they make a noise??? Fuc&en right we do. The Orcs can stay until the end to boo Gerry down the Mersey.


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