MICHAEL STEWART has told Sportscene Scott Brown has done NOTHING to warrant any punishment after Steven Gerrard suggested otherwise after watching his side get sucked in by the Celtic captain.

The midfielder had them in noughts; the slightest of touches on Morelos sent the Columbian swinging his elbow towards the Brown and was rightfully sent off. He got under the skin of goalscorer Ryan Kent and Andy Halliday with Kent surely certainly going to be punished retrospectively and Halliday sent off in the tunnel.

The Ibrox fans and Gerrard have been absolutely sick over the defeat and have pointed at Scott Brown for ‘antagonising’ the Ibrox players but Michael Stewart sets the record straight. It hasn’t gone down well at all with the Ibrox fans.

“It was next to nothing, he’s barely touched his leg.” Stewart told Sportscene as cited by SunSport.“The second one again, there is not much in it.

“Should he be up celebrating in front of the Rangers fans? No, probably not.

“There needs to be a little bit of calmness added to this.

“What Scott Brown has done has got a reaction. And was it out of order? Not really, no.”

Celtic won 2-1, in the end, thanks to a late winner from Celtic star James Forrest who took his chance incredibly well.


  1. As we all know, Michael Stewart is just the best, most honest, articulate, intelligent and fair pundit there is. There are no sides to him. He calls it fairly.

  2. The whistle goes and all Broony does is celebrate – no punches , kicks , slaps , headbutts , not even a high boot ! Just pure celebration 🍀


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