Bobby Madden was lambasted by pundits and fans after his refereeing of the Semi-final of the Scottish Cup.

Let me make this clear – Celtic weren’t good enough on the day to get the job done for a variety of reasons. The bhoys need to regroup and get ready for the title run-in.

However, we had another ridiculously inept performance from a high ranking SFA official. Madden was all over the place, refused to use the rule book when booking players and made some very erratic and baffling decisions throughout the 120 mins.

We’ve already read a lot of criticism passed off as hysteria.

We were making comments on our social media about his performance throughout the day, even when Celtic made the initial breakthrough. The whistler was hopeless.

Knowing full well about how his officiating has been received today – the referee thought he’d have the last laugh on the day with a social media post.

Madden knows exactly what he’s doing. Maybe he’ll pass it off as Glasgow hysteria or just knows he’s untouchable when it comes to his status.

The standard of refereeing will not be addressed with guys like Bobby in the ranks. VAR in the hands of many in the SFA will do very little for our game.


  1. Yes, Celtic need to man up and stop sitting on their hands after what was the most biased refereeing i have ever seen – utterly shameful

  2. I always think, our emotion is sky high or low after a game like this. We know we won’t get the big decisions. So the only solution is to stick the ball in the net more times than them. Just do it (as Nike says). Like the 6-2 game or the 5-1 game back in the day, we just have to grit our teeth and grind out more goals. I still think we’ll win the league but it would have been sweeter with a treble. Dust ourselves off, spank them in the last derby game and win it all


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