Brendan Rodgers, on his second stint as Celtic manager, has already made some additions to the team but is eager to push the envelope further.

Brendan Rodgers
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In his press conference ahead of his first league match this season, Rodgers explained his vision and approach for bolstering the squad’s strength.

Brendan Rodgers has previously emphasised that significant investments in marquee signings are not on the horizon.

Rodgers spoke about the need for careful evaluation and prioritisation of areas needing improvement. “I think it was key for me to go in and assess and give that a period of time. There are clear positions that are priorities for us that we’d like to improve on, but the team and the squad was in a really good position,” he stated on Celtic TV.

The manager, who has been in charge for a just a couple months, hinted that the squad’s evolution would be a gradual process. “I think over time we’ll look to improve the squad further,” he added.

Although Celtic has experienced great success recently, Rodgers pointed out that the road ahead is challenging, with the need for continuous improvement being crucial. He said, “Success is a moving target. It keeps moving, and the challenges this year will be even greater. We have to ensure that we have a squad that can match those.”

This pragmatic approach suggests that Celtic fans might have to wait a while longer to see any drastic changes in the starting eleven. Nonetheless, the commitment to incremental improvements and the intention to keep meeting new challenges head-on indicate a promising trajectory for the team under Rodgers’ watch.


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