There were many flashpoints over the weekend when officials seemed incapable of making correct decisions.

Celtic conceded a penalty after the linesman adjudged Boyata to have fouled a Hibernian player in the Celtic penalty box and in the second semi-final there were several easy decisions to make with regards to player conduct that didn’t even appear on officials radar.

Speaking about last weekends action, Rodgers was scathing in his assessment of officials and how they need to ‘take control’ in order to protect players health.

“It was the same player who tackled Kieran (Tierney) last season,” said Rodgers. “It’s authority. As an official, you can’t be affected in any way. You have to be concise.and you need to be clear in your judgement.

“There is retrospective action available in Scotland, so in situations like this you have to look at it.

“The centre half (Cardoso) came off the pitch on Sunday – Christ, if he’d been shot, he wouldn’t have looked worse. It was unbelievable.

“I don’t know what happened with (Louis) Moult [when he was elbowed by Cardoso] but that’s down to control as well. If, anywhere in the world, you do anything like that, then you’re off straight away.

“There was an incident where Bruno Alves didn’t even get spoken to. The referee was four yards away. That shows officials were affected.


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