BRENDAN RODGERS gave an insight into how he and he club go about bringing players in during the transfer window.

The Celtic manager has been up against it this summer with the club failing to secure the stars he and his scouting team identified.

Rodgers must sound like a broken record but he has always maintained he could have signed a lot of players already but the team didn’t need a major overhaul and he’s only interested in adding quality.

These parameters, when you’re looking for specific players with unique skill sets can make it hard for Celtic with the budget they have.

Brendan Rodgers is still hopeful of landing one or two players before next weeks deadline but has always maintained he will not sign someone for the sake of it.

The window will close next week and with so much work that goes into a transfer deal, it will be a hard task but Rodgers admits he will have a big say.

“I will be heavily involved. Any recruitment is always about identification of the player. Then you try to bring it together with wages and transfer fees.

“I will obviously be involved on the periphery of it in terms of the player and his suitability. But it’s a collective thing, the way we work here. Let’s hope we can do something.”


  1. What it is our recruitment is total waste of time even when we get a new player they are never ready to go right in to our team, we see them now and then and most times they do not look the part,and do not look like they could ever fit in to the way our team plays,as i see it our recruitment needs to change and fast,other teams buy players that walk right in to there new team we have got players taking money that only get a few games per season and some never get a game from one thing or another but most times it is to do with our recruitment, this is not good enough look at the hole we have in midfield right in to our box and we give other teams players free shots on our goal,none of our players move to close the hole or close the players or the ball down as they cut there way through our team,we need one seasoned pro holding midfielder and two seasoned pros at central defender or centre-halfs get them in now,if you do not do this then other teams will take over, and our ground will start to empty week after week.

  2. Does seem our recruiting policy leaves a lot to be desired!!!!!!at one time we would get in players and ready to play ,as previous comment rightly said ,some of our transfers are not slotting into team right away,why ?????.surely the reason to add to squad is to integrate immediately.which begs question,why are we after an Aberdeen player who is currently injured?????

    • We have just not got the time to give out to develop 75% of a team full of young lads,it is now time to push on for ten and bring in the seasoned pros and ditch all the dead wood we have,we only need one or two young lads to develop per season or two,the time is now to bring in the men to do the job.

      • Yes agree,any youngsters should be developed and integrated if and when they are ready,!!!mickey Johnstone classic example,but he will need exposure to get better, the English market is a waste of time, any players we are after if not a loan, but purchase,they are asking stupid money,and that is for someone no longer required,is that what we want,one of the other comments on here, say,Gerard can bring in players without to much bother,yes, they are signing everyone just about,on loan for many ,or cheap cost, numbers are what they are after,they are putting all their eggs in one basket, in the hope continuity can be achieved!!!but yes we need freshness now,not next month or so,but now

        • So lets empty there basket and show them we are the top dogs here and spending £9 million on players is not going even touch us but could put them over the line again, lets spend some of our money and get in some good pros and ditch all the dead wood we have in our camp from taking wages they would not get anywhere else,new faces in with the new and out with the old faces that are doing nothing for the team.
          Lets do this Celtic

  3. Every transfer window is the same. Celtic scratching around at the last minute for a bargain. It has been obvious since long before Ambrose left, that the central defence needed to be seriously strengthened. We got Commper, an over the hill crock, and Jack Hendry, a lad now so short of confidence that I doubt he is sure which foot his right foot fits.
    Celtic “recruitment staff”, aka Cecil B De Mille productions!

  4. Between now and the end of the month they will be a few good signings for CELTIC. Hail hail the CELTIC. We will be singing the Brendan Rodgers song.


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