Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers’ true ambitions in the transfer market have been revealed by Daily Record journalist Keith Jackson.

He made claims that the manager would rather spend more money on a lesser amount of players to ensure they bring the quality required.

Since his return to the club, the Hoops have brought in 11 players. Three of them have been loan signings, with the eight permanent ones costing a combined 30.9 million euros (Transfermarkt).

Maik Nawrocki and Brendan Rodgers
Soccer Football – Scottish Premiership – Celtic v Rangers – Celtic Park, Glasgow, Scotland, Britain – December 30, 2023 Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers and Maik Nawrocki celebrate after the match Action Images via Reuters/Craig Brough

Undoubtedly a significant sum of money, there are valid questions over whether it was spent effectively. Few of the additions since Rodgers has come back have added quality to the team.

The manager has widely spoken of this although the approach in terms of recruitment at the club seems to have been to add quantity not quality. It should be the other way around.

Rodgers agrees with this, according to Jackson: “He (Brendan Rodgers) would far rather, instead of spending £20m on seven players, spend £15m on three of four”, he said (Record Celtic Podcast via 67 Hail Hail).

“That’s the argument that he would make if he was sitting on this podcast right now. He would completely agree with that and I know that to be the case.”

As much as Rodgers’ outlook on recruitment may be different from that of those at Celtic who spearhead it, there is no getting away from how results and performances have been lately.

The Hoops have dropped more points already this season than they did in the entirety of the last campaign which shows signs of clear regression. Many factors have contributed towards this and right now, winning the league seems to be a tough task.


  1. Not that we disagree with St Brendan, he should have got rid of the pap earlier and taken control of a smaller squad that was hungry for success.

    Now as they drag the home and away support shuddering with expectation (that are paying to be entertained) not make their hearts stop.


    I wish they would pay as much in money as attention to their growing cookie jar, filled with the supporters cash for premier players.

    That time was four months ago, times not on Brendans side.

    Time for some home (and away) truths.

    • Isn’t it about time we started to see Rodgers getting the quality players we have already got, to start preforming on a regular basis?
      Than listening to this non stop whinging about the so called quality players we haven’t?
      Or are we going to start claiming that we have the best part of a 30 man squad, full of shite, to cover Rodgers failures of getting player’s not preforming anywhere near the levels they are well capable of preforming at for ourselves?


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