CHRIS DAVIES believes Brendan Rodgers will be the man to break Celtic’s long standing £6million transfer record fee at some point in his Celtic tenure.

When asked if Brendan Rodgers would be backed if a fee over £6million was needed to secure a player, Davies seemed certain the manager would be.

“I think the club will support if it is the right player,” he said. “Brendan works closely with Peter and Dermot.

“If it is the right player that we all feel is worth that money, and can really take us forward, then I’m sure Brendan would be supported in that. We could just bring players in almost for the sake of it.

“You pay fees, they are not quite right but you are getting your numbers in. But to protect the club and make sure we are doing the right thing for them and the team, we want to make sure it is the right player.

We are of the belief that Brendan Rodgers will be the manager to break that record but breaking it for the sake of doing so would not be in the clubs best interest.

The manager must be sure the player adds value and can handle the pressure of a large transfer tag in Scottish football terms.

It was rumoured in the summer Celtic were offering Manchester City upwards of £7million for Patrick Roberts with the Manchester club refusing a permanent deal.