You might have spotted it yourself at the time but it’s worth highlighting again.

Scott Brown and Craig Bryson were trading verbals pretty much since the moment Bryson entered the pitch on Sunday afternoon. The pair seen on Sky cameras having a go at one another after a couple of times they came together.

As many players have found out over the years, you really shouldn’t bother trying to wind our Captain up because more often than not it’ll come back to bite you.

Step up Craig Bryson. While Kristoffer Ajer wheeled away with his teammates after scoring the winner, the Celtic Captain was in full view of Bryson and Brown gave the cheekiest if grins to the Aberdeen player who was putting a brave face on things.

Either that or Craig is delighted Celtic have grabbed a second.

Celtic earned a pivotal three points in the title race at Pittodrie. It looked as if the game was going to fizzle out to a draw but credit to the champions who dug deep in the end.


  1. Why is it very team we play can get into our box with ease are our midfielders hiding, and our only out we have,is on the break, this can’t be going on as our play is being so crampt in today play as in most other days sees us do loads of defending


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