CELTIC have tonight announced a massive effort to help local communities over the coming days, weeks and months.

The Celtic Foundation will start rolling out £150k of funding which will:

– Feed around 250 people, including NHS frontline staff, at Celtic Park over three sittings, every weekday (within the parameters of Government guidance around social distancing)
– Grow delivery to reach the most vulnerable and isolated through the local Foodbank network
– Provide funding to a host of our charity partners to urgently provide food to the most vulnerable in our community

The club want to honour their founding principles and help with what is an extraordinary situation which will affect all our lives.

The Celtic Foundation has done amazing work over the years and continues to be a positive force in communities in Glasgow and beyond.

We wholeheartedly support the club in their attempt to do their bit.

There are much more things bigger than football and we all must come together by doing our bit to stop this pandemic from reaching a dangerous peak.

In the mean time, support your local food banks, don’t panic buy and leave poorer families who can’t stockpile food with very little and implement social distancing NOW!

Extraodicnary times call for extraordinary actions, lets show the best of ourselves, not the worst!


  1. This is one of the big reasons i support Celtic. Lets all help in any way we can to suport our team while it supports the community. HH


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