It would appear that the same problem exists from last season when it comes to the HCTS.

The initiative is oversubscribed to the point you now need to enter a ballot to get tickets for the major semi-final and final events.

There was a time when being on the Home Cup Ticket Scheme would virtually guarantee you a place at Hampden if Celtic were to make a showpiece final but now it’s the only way to perhaps be offered the opportunity.

Celtic have announced their ticket criteria for the semi-final against Hibs in November and have told supporters who are on the HCTS they have been balloted for tickets as there’s not enough for everyone who uses the scheme.

If you’re lucky enough to be offered a ticket then you’ll be happy enough but there could be fans locked out of the game again. Given it’s a semi-final you might see a lot not taking up the option or many tickets on the second-hand face value market. It’s when Celtic get to finals it becomes a larger issue.

Celtic could be offered more tickets if Hibs don’t sell part of their allocation.


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