Celtic have tonight announced the club will face Kalju FC of Estonia if they manage to hammer home their 3-1 advantage against Sarajevo on Wednesday night.

The club would be heading to Estonia for the second leg should the bhoys progress.

The club are a bit of an unknown quantity and Celtic would be getting up close and personal with them at Celtic Park next week.

Celtic are on their first qualifier of four and have a long way to go until they e reached the Champions League group stage. Safely progressing ahead of Sarajevo and onto the Estonian side would put Celtic at the half way point of qualifiers.

Celtic are still in need of players in some vital areas before fans will be confident the bhoys won’t slip up like they did last season against Athens. It was the third qualifying round when a mediocre Athens side frustrated Brendan Rodgers’ Celtic to progress in the competition. The Greek side went on to gain zero points from their Champjons League group.


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