The narrative that Celtic are in disarray is still being pushed on a daily basis by the same old faces.

Celtic sit 5th in the league after seven games and have had a slow start to the season by their own standards.

This has given way to rumours of unrest, some of these rumours peddled by people in the Celtic support.

However, Celtic’s league standing at this moment in time should not be too much of a concern for any fair-minded fan.

Just ask Kieran Tierney. The defender hit the nail on the head this morning when asked about Celtic’s current league position.

The Scottish international was straight to the point.

“Who’s ever won the league after 7 games? It’s still very early.” Tierney astutely pointed out.

“We’re all professionals. We know where we need to improve. The only critics we listen to are our manager and coaches.”

Celtic are away to Salzburg on Thursday on Europa league duty but will have a quick turnaround an play St Johnstone on Sunday afternoon hoping to get a winning run going in the league.

This will be Rodgers big test – the manager has admitted too many changes cost them at Kilmarnock, will he resist doing the same on Sunday?


  1. Crisis ?, the only crisis is in the gutter press and main stream media in general. True to form and with ample historical fact to back it up, the media are desperate to besmirch the good name of Celtic. True Celtic fans should unite behind the club, the team and individual players who are targeted in these insidious attacks.

  2. Sky wheel out has-been Charlie Bawbag in a sad and sickening way to deflect the crap they’ve got themselves into.
    2 stories from Charlie in a week and both of them total pish
    What do these feckin muppets think
    Do they think we are all stupid
    We know you will do anything and everything to unsettle our manager and players
    Since Brendan came to The Famous Glasgow Celtic 1888 week after week you have been coming out with nonsense
    What part of 10 in a row don’t you understand
    Hail Hail

    • You are spot on. The so-called “media” just want to bring Celtic down. We have to get behind the Champions and sing the Brendan Rodgers song. HAIL HAIL THE CELTIC.


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