Decision surrounding Celtic being discussed on Sky Sports News ‘Ref Watch’ seems to be at an all time high this season.

The amount of dubious decisions that have gone against the bhoys since the start of the season has been troubling.

Sky Sports take the biggest ref talking points of the weekend and get former top whistler Dermot Gallagher in to give his verdict on what has gone on.

With regards to the absolute hatchet job Scott McKenna got away with against Celtic at the weekend – injuring Odsonne Edouard in the process, Gallagher was very clear on what SHOULD have happened.

“I think a penalty and at least a yellow card.

“That really is not a good tackle but it got washed away.

“It’s not one that was given. I actually think it would be easier to give a penalty there than not to be honest.”

Bobby Madden refused to give anything for the incident. It was as clear as day and he told Edouard to get up.

This isn’t the first time Madden has refused to give Celtic a penalty for a shocking tackle.

Celtic drew with their Glasgow rivals a couple of years back with a huge assist from Madden who deemed the foul on Leigh Griffiths in the box was not a penalty right at the death. Pictures showed it was another clear decision ignored by the official.

How many more decisions like this does Madden get to make?


  1. We know this is the case and to honest bumpin our gums about it on forums will change nothing. We need to raise the profile of this and get right in the authorites faces as we did with the McCluskey situation before. I am saying this will change things but it will at least make it an issue. Operators stop ten is in full force as we can all clearly see, let’s call it out.

  2. its a mixture of corruption, even on a subconscious level, and incompetence
    For example, Madden ignored a foul by Griffiths on the Aberdeen defender right at the end which allowed Griff to break clear, and he really should have scored, however, it was so late in the game the points were already secured, so that decision would have made no impact on the outcome.
    But so many ridiculous decisions are made and are simply washed away.
    I dont trust Scottish, refs, officials or even media to tackle anything fairly

  3. We need someone with the backbone and integrity of Fergus McCann ‘the bunnet’ to raise this formally on the understanding that legal proceedings will follow unless there’s an independent inquiry and a commitment to flush out referees who have a vested interest in the establishment team.


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