Celtic are heading to play Sarajevo in a winner take all scenario for a place in the Europa League Group stage.

We contacted UEFA to find out this season’s cash pot and what will be on the line on Thursday as well as a the group stage, if we do make it.

For winning against Riga the bhoys managed to get €280,000 for their win. If Neil Lennon’s men were to be knocked out against Sarajevo they would be due another €300,000.

If Celtic advance to the group stage they would receive €2,920,000 for qualifying. Over and above that, they would be onto €570,000 for a win in the group stage and €190,000 for a draw.

Beyond that, here is all the payouts available to Celtic and the money they could earn.

Third qualifying round: €280,000
Play-off round elimination: €300,000
Base fee for group stage: €2,920,000
Group match victory: €570,000
Group match draw: €190,000
Group winners: €1,000,000
Group runners-up: €500,000
Round of 32: €500,000
Round of 16: €1,100,000
Quarter-finals: €1,500,000
Semi-finals: €2,400,000
Losing finalist: €4,500,000
Winners: €8,500,000

Here is when the group stage draw and other draws would be this season:

02/10/2020: Group stage draw
14/12/2020: Round of 32 draw
26/02/2021: Round of 16 draw
19/03/2021: Quarter-final and semi-final draws

Match day dates:

22/10/2020 Matchday 1
29/10/2020 Matchday 2
05/11/2020 Matchday 3
26/11/2020 Matchday 4
03/12/2020 Matchday 5
10/12/2020 Matchday 6


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