Celtic fans are in limbo when it comes to knowing who will be the Celtic manager next term.

The rumours, bookies odds, denials etc are coming thick and fast. Today we’ve started the morning with Rafa Benitez replacing Neil Lennon as the bookies favourite to be the next Celtic manager. After a couple of hours, those odds were rubbished by Sky Sports journalist Keith Downie who covers the northern club for Sky.

The journalist claimed the manager’s wages would be enough to make the deal a ‘non-starter’.

So we had a poke around and discovered Rafa was on a whopping €5million basic salary at Newcastle before any bonuses according to Finance Football.

Rafa would receive bonuses for ensuring Newcastle stay in the Premier League as well as incentives for a higher EPL finish.

You’re talking upwards of €6-7million per year before all is said and done. Now that’s money Celtic can’t afford! They also can’t afford to match the ambitions of a manager who commands that much in wages when it comes to the transfer market. There would have to be a seismic shift in either Celtic or Rafa’s outlook for any deal to be done.

It looks highly unlikely.


  1. Why can’t Celtic afford to pay 5 million quid for a top manager. They have earned a fortune over the past few years. I would say they can’t afford to not try and get a top manager. Neil Lennon will not cut it. Celtic will not win 9 in a row with Lenny in charge. He would simply be a yes man and cheap. he left the last time as they would not fund his vision. To accept this now would mean they defeated him and we don’t need a defeated manager. His interviews since the terrible performance at the weekend seem to indicate his heart isn’t in it. Celtic would be going backwards appointing him and the rumours about Hooper are also an indication of doing things on the cheap and Lennon’s willingness to accept this. New manager, a few new players and most of all new thinking and approach. Anything else will end in disaster. Make no mistake they will spend a lot of money over the next two years to stop the ten. Celtic need to at least match them. Too many Celtic websites simply act as apologists for the Tories on the board. You have to wonder how much they are getting paid. Put the bloody museum and hotel on hold for a couple of years and focus on what the club is all about, football and winning things.


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