CELTIC fell to another Ross County defeat on Sunday night in what was no surprise to any Celtic supporter who has watched us this season.

Even when Celtic have been winning games, they have looked all over the place and bereft of any sort of real game plan.

On Sunday night, Neil Lennon crammed as many possible match winners into the side as possible at the expense of any sort of cohesive team unit and it backfired again. It’s the same old problems, with the same old selection issues and the same old excuses from the manager.

It begs the question, what is our majority shareholder watching? Or is he even bothering to see what the team are up to?

If you were a Celtic man with power in the club this season and watched this week in and week out, a decision would’ve been surely made by now. The majority shareholder has stayed silent but privately backed Neil Lennon several times. Is he watching? Did he watch last night? What is he thinking?

Neil Lennon is a Celtic legend and there has been a reluctance to sack the former captain, I could have understood that even after the Frencvaros game but any game beyond the defeat at home to our rivals would have been the right thing to do.

Sometimes you have to make difficult decisions and forcing Neil Lennon to step down back in September or October time would’ve been the difficult but the correct decision. Instead, the circus was allowed to continue and the fans who spent over £500 per season ticket to watch their team play this year have paid to watch Neil Lennon drive the team off a cliff with the majority shareholder egging him on. It’s unacceptable.

Are you even watching Dermot?


  1. Lawwell Lennon the Board and Desmond have all taken multi millions of pounds out of the club over many years but when it comes to making hard decisions where are they.
    Desmond would not accept this management from any of his other businesses, he would have sacked who ever was in charge very quickly,why is he is not prepared to do it at Celtic. Get of the golf course down in the Bahamas and start repairing the damage that is taking place at our club.


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