PAUL LAMBERT has come in for some heavy criticism and rightly so after his comments on a five-year-old issue he clearly knows nothing about.

The former Celtic captain spoke about Rangers being demoted to the third division, when in actual fact the club had to start again after amassing an eye-watering amount of debt that was never paid back.

Lambert said it was “wrong” and bad for Scottish football to do so.

“It wasn’t good for the Scottish game, the Scottish league and certainly not for the national team.

“Celtic and Rangers, in years gone by, provided a lot of players for the national team and it’s mainly Celtic now.

That’s the bigger picture and people hadn’t really thought it through.

“Nobody thought, ‘Well how is this going to affect Scotland, the league itself, Glasgow as a city?’

“I think it was the wrong decision to put them down three leagues.”

All the top flight clubs didn’t get together and demote Rangers, they refused the new Rangers a free pass into the Premier League – refusing to pretend nothing had happened and for them to be admonished of debts they racked up cheating Scottish football.

Paul is clearly working his ticket for the Scotland manager role.

Here’s how Celtic fans reacted.




  1. Paul Lambert steer clear of the Evo Stik ffs,A Bhoy sounding like a Zombified Sevconian talking out of his backside.They werent demoted Paul,They Were LIQUIDATED!!!!Get the facts correct and in order before you start blowing on the Oranje Bunnet ffs…..As a player he was something to behold but …..em….em…….????It was nothing short of absurd reading the nonsense he was spouting….

  2. Total bawbag the huns should have been put in the highland league, look what happened to lance Armstrong he was caught using drugs had all his tour de France titles plus his other wins taken from him because he cheated different scenario but the scum won titles and cups through cheating ,they should have had them taken from them, a cheat is a cheat , fuck off lambert

    • They should NOT have been put in the Highland League. What did the Highland League do to deserve that? Keep comments sane. They should have been put out of existence totally.

  3. Proof that Jorg Albert,s knee has left long lasting damage. Obviously knocked more than 4 teeth from lamberts heed. Paul’s now more to be pitied than scolded…

  4. Paul used to be a hero of mine but not anymore talking crap like that to suit the agenda of the press & their Hun readership,Rangers weren’t demoted Paul they were liquidated & were lucky to get back into Scottish football at any level after all their cheating & tax evading so fuck right off !Liam

  5. I suppose spending other folks money to buy players you couldn’t afford like there was no tomorrow was good for the game as well eh Paul? And you were up against these cheats for years!

    Never mind angling for the Scotland job, it sounds like he is angling for the sevco job with these words.

  6. Always believed he was a Hun planted to undermine us stopping ten in ’98. Never rated him as a player. Bobo took the blame for defeat in Seville when Lambert was anonymous yet seems to be celebrated. Never understand why. Made a career out of Dortmund. Not welcome at Celtic.

    • Are you for real? Watch the New Year game from ’98 again and his reaction to his goal against the buns. Are those the actions of a hun?

      Whatever our thoughts on his ill-judged comments there can be no denying his class and commitment to us when he wore the Hoops. Anything else is bitter revisionism.

      • Must’ve been watching different games than you, know it all.

        He scored against Rangers and celebrated? So did Kenny Miller

        Lambert not Celtic class or Celtic minded. No longer welcome after these comments

  7. “Lambert said it was “wrong” and bad for Scottish football to do so.”

    So Mr Lambert, you believe that criminality is not wrong. You believe that lying, cheating, robbing the taxpayer and putting small companies out of business is not wrong. I always new you we’re a bit slow up top, but this proves that you have no integrity or morality ether.

  8. P.lambert what aload of shite has came out his mouth not his arse hope he never sets foot in paradise ever again because celtic fans will give him it rotten dirty lowlife lambert sticking up for a cheating liquidated club rfc who cheated Scottish football for years and he comes out with that shite BAM SUCKING CORRUPT SFA TADGERS.PAUL LAMBERT RAT..

  9. why do they do it, to bow down to the media cause this what they want, even some x at CP said same in a roundabout way, so when Big Rab tells the truth all hell breaks out, the SFA did not apply the RULE`s they were afraid of the backlash, UEFA/FIFA also but were they told the full story, only in Scotland would this happen, corrupt through and through, yes they are a NEW TEAM, yes the should have been disbanded they broke the rules, remember CFC chairman Mr Brian Quinn told them all about EBTs were illegal and they done heehaw, maybe that’s why the media don`t ask for my reactions ,

  10. Atleast We Can Say With Honesty and Truth We beat our Oldest Glasgow Rivals the other Evening when we faced Partick Thistle.The Rancid Mob over in Govania dont and never will merit as much as a mention.They are an Irrelevance to Todays Game.Does Scottish Football need them Naw,Will Scottish Football survive without Them Yes.All this BS that somehow Scotland needs a strong Sevco is absolute Keek.Aberdeen Hibernian Hearts St Johnstone Dundee are capable of giving a really good account of Themselves.The Glib n Shameless Clown is getting his Verdict at some point today,From the Court…..This New Club are a Joke…


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