It took just 6 hours for kind-hearted Celtic fans to donate to a GoFund me page setup for injured Celtic fan Charlie Phelan after his horrendous ordeal.

The Derry man was over watching his beloved Celtic beat their Glasgow rivals in the first derby of the season when after the match he was set upon by a group of thugs who jumped off a bus to attack him.

The unprovoked attack took place in Ayrshire outside a chippy saw Charlie suffer serious life altering injuries and he is now blind in one eye as a result.

Charlie and his friends believed he was targeted just hours after the Derby game because he was wearing his Celtic colours and he recalls seeing a man with union jack shorts on attacking him along with the rest of the group.

Even though this looks like Charlie has been singled out because of his colours the Police are not treating it as sectarian or even a football crime but they have said they’re looking into it.

As Charlie recovers from this needless attack a Celtic fan set up a GoFund me page earlier today with the aim of raising £500 so it can be passed on to the man himself to help put a smile back on his face and maybe pay for his next trip to Celtic Park.

Charlie said he won’t be back to watch the bhoys after this incident but fans everywhere are urging him to beat the bigots and we hope the club reach out to him.

We’re happy to report that the £500 target was smashed very quickly with the page receiving many messages of support!


  1. Great gesture, but the real prob is the authorities in handling this ,no sectarian motive, they are having a laugh, about time sturgeon and her lot started taking this seriously,before there is a death,heaven forbid!!!!the very least to be done is questioning the police over this,and who decided no further action,enough is enough,hh

  2. Those thugs have to be sorted out, a cowardly bunch of bigots. How would they like that to be done to them? The police have to look into this terrible crime of violence, this man has lost ONE EYE because of the badness of these bigots.

  3. There is hundreds who travel over from Ireland by bus and ferry for all Celtic games. These thugs waited to get a few unsuspecting Celtic fans on their own and then attacked them as they made their way out of a fish and chip shop in Girvan. They attacked with knuckledusters and boots really brave scum.
    I was at the Rangers game and we stopped in Girvan there was 4 other Celtic buses with an average of 50 on each bus.I am sure there is people in Girvan know who these people are and they should be reported to the police (who think this isnt a hate crime).
    For a small town like Girvan who benefited from an extra 200 to 300 supporters on a Sunday afternoon spending their money in the local pubs, shops and takeaways on there way to the ferry I think its the least they could do to ensure that these thugs are brought to justice.


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